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The United Sportsmen of North Dakota (USND) was organized in 1975 to provide representation at the legislature for sportsmen. Today, the fate of all outdoor activity, particularly hunting and trapping, lies in the hands of the political process. Legislative sessions continue to have a flood of bills, good and bad, dealing with outdoor issues. To have any impact on these bills, sportsmen have to be politically active.

USND provides two annual scholarships to deserving students majoring in the Wildlife or Biology field. USND will continue to support all efforts, public and private, to improve and expand good wildlife habitat. Who are the members of USND?

We are businessmen, farmers, ranchers, government employees, salesmen, trappers, fishermen, conservationists and others.

We are men and women who share a deep concern for wildlife and its future in North Dakota; who pursue field sports, especially hunting and fishing and who abide by the code of fair play.

What does USND offer you…

  • USND is one of the few sportsmen organizations in the state that hires a full time lobbyist to track bills and testify on the sportsmen’s behalf during the legislative sessions.
  • USND has up-to-date information on outdoor related bills and furnishes its members with a legislative report outlining the outcome of legislation affecting sportsmen.
  • USND participates in Game & Fish Advisory meetings and maintains a liaison with the Game & Fish Department.
  • USND has a centralized State Office with local Area Chapters to provide statewide communications.
  • USND provides a strong, unified voice in outdoor issues affecting North Dakota sportsmen.
  • USND is recognized as one of the leading sportsmen’s organizations in the state of North Dakota.


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