Purposes & Objectives

The Purposes and Objectives of the United Sportsmen of North Dakota are:

  • To provide a state-wide organization that will encompass all individuals interested in environment, habitat, conservation, hunting, ranching, farming, fishing, trapping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity.
  • To promote the welfare and conservation of all game animals and birds, and the preservation of their existing habitat and improvement thereof.
  • To promote and encourage better landowner/sportsmen relationships.
  • To promote a healthy and satisfying outdoor and recreational potential for everyone in North Dakota.
  • To protect and preserve an individuals constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

To encourage, above all, good sportsmanship; respect for all game animals, birds and fish; respect for game laws; respect for private as well as public property; and a deep and sincere regard for the natural beauties of our state

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